Adwokat Katarzyna Bórawska jest prawnikiem z kilkuletnim doświadczeniem zawodowym. Ukończyła studia prawnicze na Wydziale Prawa i Administracji UMK w Toruniu gdzie między innymi reprezentowała swój uniwersytet w międzynarodowym konkursie prawniczym Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Następnie odbyła staż w Ambasadzie RP w Waszyngtonie oraz staż w Parlamencie Europejskim w Brukseli gdzie uczestniczyła w pracach Komisji Spraw Zagranicznych (AFET) oraz Podkomisji Bezpieczeństwa i Obrony (SEDE).

Attorney Katarzyna Bórawska

Attorney Katarzyna Bórawska is a lawyer with several years of professional experience. She graduated from the Law and Administration Faculty at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and among other things represented her university at the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Then she participated in a traineeship at the Polish Embassy in Washington. After graduation, in connection with her considerable interest in foreign policy, Katarzyna Bórawska participated in a traineeship at the European Parliament in Brussels, where she took partin the work of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) and Sub-committee on Security and Defence (SEDE).

She completed an attorney traineeship at the District Bar Association in Toruń graduating from the course with the best result on the year and admission into the bar by the District Bar Association in Toruń. At the moment, Katarzyna Bórawska specialises in family, penal and economic law and has considerable experience in civil procedure and court strategy. She currently offers comprehensive services to foreign corporation and represents many foreigners in court proceedings all over Poland. Katarzyna Bórawska speaks fluent English and basic Flemish.


Attorney K. Bórawska specialises in legal aid in at-fault and no-fault divorces. Naturally, we also deal with cases concerningjoint property partitioning and custody over children.


We also accept cases concerning alimony increase, decrease and granting where we represent both mothers and fathers.

Criminal Cases

B-Legal Law Firm provides legal aid to individuals in criminal, executive, penal and treasury proceedings and petty offence cases. The attorney also represents legal persons and entrepreneurs whose interest were violated as a result criminal activity.


Attorney Katarzyna has an exceptionally strong eye for detail that has been a benefit to our firm on more than one occasion. She also has a very calm demeanor that was a blessing for clients in and out of the courtroom. Kasia’s strong sense of organization helped her to always gain the upper-hand in court and win a large majority of her cases. I can strongly recommend her to any foreign company.

Geert Gijsens, Kametal

Ms Bórawska is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my company’s best interests in mind. However, Ms Katarzyna would not hesitate to tell me when she had to curb her actions based on her firm’s policies and procedures. I was always informed when Ms Bórawska was our attorney and I always felt like our company was in very good hands. She never missed a scheduled meeting and she always took my calls. What I especially liked about Ms Katarzyna was her ability to remain calm in crisis situations.

Andre Johnson, Switzerland

The Law Office of attorney Bórawska provided the best legal representation I could ask for in my divorce case. Katarzyna Bórawska provided legal help on my case and made me feel total protection . My divorce is now complete; but, I am keeping Ms Katarzyna as my attorney so that I feel safe until my kids are 18 and I don’t have to worry about being alone if I ever have custody issues.

Carlo Rodriguez, Portugal

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